Jordan River Parkway

the trail

The Jordan River Parkway is a comprehensive set of trails extending 40 – 45 miles from the Great Salt Lake to Utah Lake in Utah County.  The trail(s) are largely well maintained with many segments that include restrooms, picnic areas, and playgrounds. A few sections even include equestrian trails!

The parkway is generally paved with benches scattered along the way as it winds along the Jordan River. The trail grade is mostly flat and provides an easy hike for the whole family.


Because there are so many segments maintained by different organizations (county and municipal) check with google maps for trailheads in your area. The Jordan River Parkway Site is a good resource and has downloadable maps to help locate trail access points.

There is a peaceful feeling that comes while hiking the trail. The slow meandering of the Jordan River, the birds (especially ducks) chirping and quacking, etc. lets the hiker enjoy nature while getting some needed exercise.

The trailheads with play sets are popular with the kids letting the family enjoy a picnic along the way! Picnic tables, restrooms are a big plus for those with little ones:-)

Some construction, and certainly maintenance, is ongoing so if planning that super hike or bike ride do check to make sure areas aren’t temporarily closed. (See Jordan River Parkway site noted above as a good reference point).

Jordan River Parkway Midvale access point (one of several) — Map



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