Forgotten in the Woods


Forgotten in the woods
lies a cabin amidst the forest trees
hiding in the shadows
of another time, of days now spent

her home once decorated with cheer
her children banged her doors
and clamored with joy
but she was happy to have them
amidst the forest floor

time now affray
she waits for another day
when her children once again
remember her youth, of time spent together
in the cabin, hiding in the woods

© 2019 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

Eve – a Help Meet


Adam and Eve were our first parents on planet earth. Eve’s story is unique among all women, and represents the profound wisdom of God in placing man in families. Her role as a ‘Help Meet’ is so much more than cook, companion, etc. but represents ‘God’s Help’ in accomplishing all things appointed unto man.

To find out more about the role of a help meet:

© 2019 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

Tips to Improve how an Author Website ranks in Web Searches

After many of the basics are met, authors (and potential authors) want  to improve how their web page ranks in search engines. And while coming up on page 1 is a challenge, there are many basic things that you can do. The powerpoint below covers a few tips to improving your ranking.

© 2019 by James Spruell All rights reserved