Battle Creek Falls

the Falls

Battle Creek Falls is located along a narrow, and occasionally steep trail just outside of Pleasant Grove, Utah. The trail itself continues 2.4 miles below and above the Falls, intersecting the Curly Springs trail at 1.1 mile before joining the  Dry Creek trail at 2.4 miles.

The falls and trail are a part of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and in 2014 was a non-fee area.

Battle Creek Falls

The trail is a very popular day hike and on a typical outing you may encounter individuals, families with small children, and other groups. The trail is shared by hikers as well as mountain bikers and equestrians, i.e., do exercise some caution due to narrow trail conditions.

Battle Creek Falls
View of the Falls in Spring

The scenery along the trail is incredible with views of Utah Lake and the Valley. Dogs on leash are welcome and will enjoy playing in the stream.

Once at the falls, visitors can easily access the base with its cool spray and collecting pool. Or the more adventuresome might try rappelling the approximately 50 foot down the side of the falls.


From Pleasant Grove: Travel east on 200 S until it dead-ends at the trail head parking lot. The falls are a short hike up Battle Creek Canyon…(Skip to map below)

 Battle Creek Falls Trai
View from Battle Creek Falls Trai

In my 2014 visit the path was not paved or graveled but fairly well kept. The short trip to the falls started off fairly flat before becoming a little steeper closer to the falls. Trip up and back took less than 30 minutes each way …depending upon how often one stops to take pics!

Valley View
Looking back toward the Valley

Battle Creek Falls — Map


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