Cabo, San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico


Known for its warm climate, beautiful coast, scuba diving, and marine life, Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations. The city is located along the southern most tip of the Baja peninsula.

The area in October is still pretty warm … and for us, worth the trip. With easy access to several beaches, the combination of rock formations, tropical desert climate, and location make it a favorite destination for area visitors.

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

Getting to Cabo

Los Cabos international airport connects with several North American hubs including Los Angeles, Phoenix, etc. as well as any US city with connections to Mexico City. The airport is one of Mexico’s busiest, located just outside of San Jose del Cabo,  and is a convenient 45 minute drive to Cabo San Lucas.

We enjoyed traveling by Cruise ship departing from the Los Angeles area. Although slower than by air, the 7 day trip is a relaxing way to go …as long as you’re not in a hurry. (Skip to map below)

The City

Cabo San Lucas reflects the desert tropical climate that it’s famous for with outdoor restaurants, shopping and marinas. And like many tourist locations it has numerous vendors hawking souvenirs and guided tours.


The city may come alive during ‘tourist’ season and spring break but to me still had a sleepy small town flavor. At one time, it was a fishing community that turned more tourista once the airport opened. A couple of references put the population at about 68,000 in 2010.

The Beach

The water along the beach(es) was beautiful although the waves were pretty choppy — which can be either a good or not so good thing depending upon your goals.

A number of local boat operators provide ocean side tours of the area, and will even drop you off at a couple of beaches. We paid $25 per person (Oct 2015) for the tour and water taxi service.

Quick Tips

Although more formal trips are available, Cabo  has plenty of walk up tours that will take you sight seeing, snorkeling, etc. Along the bay numerous shops will gladly sell you souvenirs, water and/or soft drinks. Internet access was available at a couple of café/bars.

Excursion prices vary tremendously in Mexico, and with some negotiation can often be cut down — depending of course upon your negotiating skills. However, we found tour operators less negotiable than in other Mexico cities, etc.

Anything Else?

Cabo is beautiful and the rock formations spectacular, so pack a suit case and bring a swimsuit if you have time and are so inclined:-)

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Cabo — Map

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