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Investing Mistakes to Avoid

If your intend to invest, mistakes will occur! The slide share presentation below is an update of the previous post and covers some of the more common mistakes, Including:

  • not having a plan and knowing where you want to go;
  • understanding market volatility;
  • failing to diversify;
  • (and several more!)

The slide presentation also has suggestions for dealing with many of the mistakes made by investors. Take a look and happy investing!


Ten Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone has a list, and well, I have quite a few including the ten mental errors of investing that few can afford to make. We all make mistakes showing great insight at times, but at other points may lapse into ‘less than bright’. Today’s topic includes a few of the ‘less than bright’.

Over Confidence                  

Forecasting errors often begin with an over confidence in our own abilities, experiences, and what we qualify as knowledge. And of all the mental errors, overconfidence is perhaps the most deadly. We are just sure we can pick a bottom, catch a falling knife, or just know that Company ABC is the next great winner.

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