Isla Mujeres

Travel whether hiking, on a cruise, or just relaxing at your favorite destination adds new dimensions to our lives. Here are some of my favorite locations/activities:

Coastal Mexico

Cancun is a favorite destination for many, offering the warmth and beauty of the Caribbean, beautiful beaches, and fun activities.

For history lovers, Tulum offers a travel back to Mayan times! Beauty and history are inter-mingled at the archeological site with wonderful pathways that take you through the ruins …or maybe just to the beach.

Isla Mujeres offers an island touch with great diving, food, and local flavor.

Cabo San Lucas set on the tip of Baja California blends ocean side excursions, rocky shores, and relaxing activities …or a fun nightlife for those seeking it.

Hiking in Salt Lake and the surrounding area. We all have our favorites, and some of mine include:

The Jordan River Parkway is a comprehensive set of trails extending 40 – 45 miles from the Great Salt Lake to Utah Lake in Utah County.

The hike up to Timpanogos Cave is a popular hike for the exercise buff and/or scenic minded.

In town, Wheeler farm is another population destination offering fun activities for the children and number of trails for hikers.

Donut Falls is a fun hike for many, including families with toddlers …although Mom or Dad might want to do some toddler ‘backpacking’ at points 🙂

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