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My Books

Writing has become second nature after the publish or perish life of a university faculty member. Since leaving the university, I’ve continued writing poetry and in life styles. Below are two of my books now available:

Creating an Extraordinary Life: the Poet’s Heart is a composite of 95+ poems that reflect some of my innermost thoughts. The poems create a puzzle to fit together, ponder, and enjoy. Sometimes the poems flowed out in almost final form. At other times– not so much —  the poems told a story that had to be hammered and chiseled to find their place.

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Breaking Through the Abyss

Many of us make life a little too complex. For example, we all share common physical attributes and need simple necessities such as shelter, food, water, and air to breathe. We need companionship, and seek out friends who support and sustain us daily.

We also share the desire to know who we are; how to find happiness, success, and achieve our dreams; what is God’s plan for us; and how to improve the way we view and image our self and worth.

This book will help you find answers that you seek.

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