… Breaking Through the Abyss

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Many of us make life a little too complex. For example, we all share common physical attributes and need simple necessities such as shelter, food, water, and air to breathe. We need companionship, and seek out friends who support and sustain us daily.

We also share the desire to know who we are; how to find happiness, success, and achieve our dreams; what is God’s plan for us; and how to improve the way we view and image our self and worth.

This book will help you find those answers.

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Chapter Outline:

When Dreams Come True

     Chapter 1:     It’s 11:55 pm, New Year’s Eve

     Chapter 2:   Creating Your Year of Passion

     Chapter 3:   The Winds of Change

     Chapter 4:   Those Summer Showers!

     Chapter 5:   The Things that Bring You Joy

     Chapter 6:   Creating an Extraordinary Life

The Road to Self-Discovery and Healing

     Chapter 7:   Choosing the right yard stick

     Chapter 8:   Self-Discovery

     Chapter 9:   Five Ingredients to a Happier Life

     Chapter 10:   When a truck backs over your self esteem

     Chapter 11:   Master of Me

     Chapter 12:   Finding Peace through Gospel Principles

Building a Stronger, Better You

     Chapter 13:   The Gifts You Bring

     Chapter 14:   Creating Virtuous Circles

     Chapter 15:   Toward A Priceless Treasure

     Chapter 16:   A Christ Centered Life

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