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Creating an Extraordinary Life: the Poet’s Heart is a composite of 95+ poems that reflect some of my innermost thoughts. The poems create a puzzle to fit together, ponder, and enjoy. Sometimes the poems flowed out in almost final form. At other times– not so much — the poems told a story that had to be hammered and chiseled to find their place.

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Sample Poems:

In the Morning Dew

At those times when all seems hopeless:

The darkest night
where no light shines,
is but birth
to morning’s light.

From within this pit
reaches out morning’s dew,
darkness to fade
into the sun’s first rays,
to bring forth
the greater light

In the dew of the morning
created you I,
a song to sing
and gifts to bring,
a light to shine

The Lost Grain of Sand

The little grain of sand
fell asleep in the warm swirl
until she awoke at midnight,
pondering what was to be

Alone with her thoughts,
she wiggled and squirmed
to awaken in morning light,
a beautiful pearl

Sometimes finding peace is a simple matter of letting go
and letting God take us where he wants us to be …

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