Profound Lessons from Women in the Scriptures

The Two Mites
“A bronze Widow’s Mite or Prutah, minted by Alexander Jannaeus, King of Judaea” — from Wikipedia Commons

We often hear about Mary – the mother of the Savior, Mary Magdalene, Eve, and even the woman at the well as great teaching moments. But just as important are those lessons encapsulated in some very short passages. Three of my favorite are those below:

A touch of a robe, the gift of the Master

Many have exercised great faith, including a passing woman who needed only to touch the hem of his robe.

Healed by a touch is a woman whose faith was so great that she needed no fanfare or great declaration to be healed of her infirmity. No, she needed only to touch the hem of the Master’s robe to be healed.

He noticed immediately that virtue had gone forth, and commended her by acknowledging simply ‘who has touched my robe’. Of course he knew but wanted us to know of the great faith found in her humble touch.

So what’s so special — the ease of what was required, to be willing to reach out to the Savior such that even a slight touch was sufficient. The story reminds me of the many who perished in ancient Israel who were not willing to lift their eyes to the serpent — the smallest of gestures, the slightest of faith, the beginning of a mustard seed — to be healed.

Hidden in a coin

Was it a coin that she sought? Or, was it the child who was wayward?

Hidden in a coin was the mother who looked for the lost coin among the ten that she had. The coin that was lost? Not an old coin, but something far more valuable …a loved son or daughter in need.

Ever wonder why the Lord spoke of the 99 sheep, but of the 10 that belonged to the mother? It was her family, and he spoke of a mother’s love to find a cherished child.

Offerings of the Heart

Priests, Levites, the rich & powerful, all upstaged by a widow and her mite…

Hidden in a coin was the mother we talked about above. Hidden in the widow’s mite is the requirement for eternal life… the willingness to give all that we have.

Her story is short, only a few lines. But for any, and all serious about gaining eternal salvation, is the hidden path. Simple, but perplexing enough that it escaped Nicodemus.

Jesus Teaches about the Widow’s Mites

Mary, the Mother of Christ VideoThe Video, produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, reflects the true worship of one who had little by way of earthly possessions but possessed great riches in heaven. 0:59

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