Searching for a Happy Productive Life?

We all search for a good life, to be productive (well, most of us), and be healthy come retirement. But do you know what made the biggest difference in one of the longest recorded studies on happiness?

An amazing 75 year Harvard study tracked 724 men from 2 different groups:

  • Group one was sophomore students at Harvard;
  • Group two was composed of young men from the poorer neighborhoods in Boston and included many from troubled families;

After 75 years about 60 of the men were still alive… and still being interviewed regularly. One might expect that the group from wealthy families, highly educated (Harvard) would by default be enough to predict happiness – but it wasn’t.

What the study found was that men in their 50’s with strong, healthy relationships were the healthiest in their 80’s. And that overall the greatest predictor of happiness was the ability to have empathy for others. It wasn’t money, fame, or many of the things so often sought after.

Robert Waldinger provided an excellent overview of the study as did George E. Vailant. Waldinger’s YouTube Video:


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