When a Rainbow Cannot Smile


Lost in the abyss
is a rainbow that cannot smile
of lovers who no longer kiss,
the telltale sign of hearts
that needs to mend

When the petals on a flower
no longer bloom
time can still bring to an end
wars that rage, of awful words
we wish we did not say

Or perhaps,
the petals waits to bloom
on a knee that needs to bend
there lies the treasure of the kiss
that says I love you, let’s begin again

Find again
the rainbow’s gentle smile
held in the warm embrace
of a truly special friend

That ole knee
can surely learn to bend
to earn the treasure of the kiss
that never ends

 (When a Rainbow Cannot Smile is from my book ‘When Shall the Butterfly Rest’  available on Amazon )

© 2019 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

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